I've Got Sunshine

And indeed, it was a cloudy (and rainy) day.  This cardigan was just what I needed to brighten things up a bit.  If I hadn't been teaching today, I may have decided to go with something slightly less prim and proper.  But when I tried on the cardigan with the ruffled top, I just decided to run with it.  So it grew to ruffles + bow + pearls + maryjanes.  Yes, it's very "I'm running late for my PTA meeting" but I kind of dig it.  I don't dig, however, how red my face looks today.  I wish there were a "red face" button on the photo-editor next to the red-eye button.  As I've mentioned before, I'm not skilled in the photo-editing department, so any tips would be welcomed.  Also, my camera decided to stop working, so we're using Aaron's camera (Which, in my opinion, doesn't like me as much. My face didn't seem nearly as red in previous pictures.  Or could it be that this is my pale-ass skin's reaction to the recent sunlight?  But I do wear SPF on my face.  Hmmm.).  

Cardigan: Gap Outlet; blouse: Ann Taylor Loft; pants: Gap; pearls: Target; belt/sash: from an old dress; maryjanes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
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  1. Love, love, love it!! The bow belt with the ruffle blouse and pop of yellow is great!

  2. I love the fit of those pants and that bright splash of color on such a dreary day in KS.

  3. This is a very cute outfit. I love the sunny yellow.



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