The Ink is Black, the Page is White, Together We Learn to Read and Write

I apologize in advance.  I'm sure this is not the last you'll see of my pasty white legs.  I wish I could say they would get tanner, but well, that's highly unlikely.  I buy sunscreen with SPF 50 or more, and while I'm constantly nagging Aaron to put some on, I think I get whiter just looking at the bottle.  

Today I was inspired by the beautiful Italian blogger at L'armadio del delitto and her chic black and white look.  I was going to do all black and white, but when I put on my trusty black flats, I literally yawned.  I've worn those so much; I need a new style of black flat.  An oxford or lace up sandal maybe?  Hmmm.  So I went with the purple instead.  

I'm getting bored with my outdoor shots (can you tell by the look on my face?).  Our move in May (hopefully!) cannot come soon enough.  At least then I'll have some new scenery.  Which will, I'm sure, get old eventually.  But as they say, the grass is always greener.    

T-shirt: Forever 21; skirt: Gap; belt: Forever 21; flats: Se Boutique, DSW
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