I'm Just Mad About Saffron

Or, color combos I like Part One.  Although I own more black and gray than I'd like to admit, it's putting on a bright color that really lifts my spirits.  (And two bright colors? I can hardly contain myself!)  Ironically enough, I wear more brights in the Spring, when my spirits are already buoyed by the gorgeous weather.  I need to dress in nothing but cheerful hues in Winter, when the cold weather makes me want to scream and curse and throw things.  But, I think my screaming days are finally over (I'm not making any promises about throwing things.).  At least for this year.  Yet knowing my luck, it will snow this weekend.  Didn't that happen the last time I wore this cardigan?  

When I bought this cardigan a couple of years ago, I never imagined it would become the wardrobe staple that it has.  I used to avoid yellow, because I thought it washed out my fair skin.  But now, I feel just the opposite way about it--I can't seem to get enough.  And as far as my skin goes, I think that as long as it's a fairly bright yellow, there's just enough contrast.  And mixed with this purple...heavenly!  I know I'm going to start sounding like a broken record soon, but I LOVE SPRING!!! 

Cardigan: Gap Outlet; blouse: Ann Taylor Loft; skirt: Converse One Star, Target; belt: Target; shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
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