A Foggy Day in London Town

 Yes, I'm aware that this is Kansas, not the UK, but that song seemed appropriate for today.  So you know that warm weather I had been raving about?  Well, it's gone; only to be replaced by all that is gloomy, rainy, and cold.  I think it was the jinx of the yellow cardigan.  When I read yesterday's Feather Report, even though it was for NYC, the dedication to gray was perfect for the weather here in the Midwest as well.  I love the color gray.  Usually I like to mix it with brighter pieces, but today I went gray all the way (no rhyme intended).  The first version of this outfit was with the over-the-knee socks alone, sans tights, and some wedge sandals.  I liked it, maybe even a little better, but I soon realized that I would not make the same bare-legs mistake I made yesterday.  But I've had these socks for a few weeks and I've been dying to wear them, so what the hell, I just put them on over the tights.  There's a lot going on in the leg area, a problem that might be fixed with different shoes, although not with any I own.  Also, despite how my face looks, I'm in a really good mood today.         

Tie-waist cardigan: Forever 21; t-shirt: Old Navy; skirt: American Eagle (really old); earrings: Charlotte Russe; tights: Gap; OTK socks: Target; boots: Franco Sarto
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  1. You look fierce! Good "model pose". I can never pull the fierce model pouty lip face off! I always just look angry!

    Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! It is my absolute favourite of yours! I think the whole lot going on in the leg area is perfection!!!


    I heart grey too. Hey, are you on Chictopia?


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