Fighting Ever Fighting for a Wildcat Victory

I've never been interested in sports, so naturally every year when March Madness rolls around, the only thing I'm anticipating is its end.  But this year, my alma mater, Kansas State University, is actually good.  As in, we made the tournament as a 2 seed and didn't get eliminated in the first two rounds good.  So, while I haven't turned into a total basketball-phile, I am actually keeping up with this whole Madness thing.  I even filled out a bracket for the first time in my life.  Granted, I based my picks on whether or not I liked the mascot or which city I'd like to visit (not a bad method as it turns out, my bracket is beating Aaron's).  So last night we cheered on another Wildcat victory, against BYU (who I actually picked in the first round because of my current obsession with the show Big Love--go Mormons!)  I can't guarantee my participation in this athletic tradition will continue for ever, or even next year, but for now, I'm having all kinds of fun.  Sorry, I don't have anything to say about my outfit--the only thought I put into it was that there had to be purple in it somewhere.  

Blazer: Ann Taylor Loft; blouse: Old Navy; camisole: Gap; jeans: Old Navy; necklace: jewelry shop in Paris; boots: Aldo
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The lucky bucket!  Yes, I know how ridiculous I look.  And no, I don't care.


  1. You look fantastic!! It sounds like we have a very similar bracket selection process! :-)

  2. Great blazer and I do love the boots! Did you something different with your hair, it looks really great like that!

  3. You look adorable. I once chose based on mascots that I liked. Ah ha ha

  4. I think you look fantastic! Your ridiculous look is beautiful! Oh, and such a chic outfit! Love that blazer!!


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