Well, at Least Football is Over Now

I'm just now getting around to posting my Superbowl Sunday look.  I wish I could say I've been busy working, but unfortunately I've just been a little under the weather.  I swear, this year has not been the most healthful for me.  Maybe I should get a plant.  They're supposed to purify the air.  But I'm notorious for killing every plant that I try (and I really do try) to tend to.  Does anyone have any plant-keeping secrets?  

I must admit, this look was pretty uninspired.  I got the idea to wear my sweatshirt-fabric double breasted jacket from glamour.com.  I love it, because it is so comfy and warm, but it looks so much more presentable than the hoodie I wear around the house.  I just threw it on over one of my favorite summery tops, with jeans and flats.  My hair is looking extra fluffy in this pic.  I'm not too happy about that--I desperately need a haircut.   

Jacket: Converse One Star, Target; top: H&M; jeans: Gap; shoes: Nine West

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