Stripe Hype

While I enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion scoop, I am not by any means a slave to trends.  I prefer choosing pieces that I love, and then making them my own.  Usually, I'm drawn to classic clothes, especially those that have a French feel to them.  Now, I'm not entirely sure that what says "French" to me is necessarily defined as such in a Fashion Dictionary, but I'm thinking pearls, quilted leather, cardigans, flats, and the like.  Maybe by "French" I mean "Chanel".  Lately, I've been spotting one of my Frenchie favorites almost everywhere I go:  striped tees.  I already own a couple (one really old, one too transparent to be worn alone).  So when I went to Old Navy yesterday after a disappointing thrift store run, I instantly fell in love with this black and white striped v-neck pocket tee.  I can't wait to style it up for Spring, but for now, it's a great layering piece.  As you can see, my goal for today was simply warmth. 

Cardigan: American Eagle; tee: Old Navy; jeans: Old Navy (I had forgotten I had these!); scarf: Target
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