Remix: When My Ship Comes In

A couple of weeks ago, I wore this shirt and these pants for a look based around a necklace I liked (which I didn't happen to buy, because I found some others I liked better, but that's not important right now).  At the time, I liked what I put together, but after seeing pictures of it, I was a little like, "meh".  So I decided that this new capelet--I guess that's what you call it--I recently thrifted would liven these basics up a bit, and the boots would give them a relaxed feel.  It's still not super exciting or fashion-forward, but for a day spent surrounded by eighth-graders, it's as comfortable as I can get.  God bless middle school teachers.  I don't think I could do that every day.   

T-shirt: Gap; capelet: Mossimo, thrifted (How is it that even when I don't go to Target I go to Target?); pants: Gap; boots: St. John's Bay, JCPenney
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