Hazy Grays for Monday

Finally, I can stop whining about needing a haircut!  I decided to go quite short, and its taking me a little time to get used to.  But as of right now, I like it.  

My color choice today wasn't intentionally mimicking the gloomy weather, but I guess that was the result.  Just so you know, my legs aren't really gray.  I wear these tights so often that it may seem that way, but they're actually really, really white.  Like the color of the door behind me.  It's not pretty.  I desperately need more tights in my wardrobe, but I was hoping to hold off until next winter. If the weather stays this cold (Damn you Punxutawney Phil!) I'm going to have to break down and buy some more. 

Shirt: Gap; skirt: Nanette Lepore, thrifted; earrings: made by Aaron's aunt Mary; belt: Target; tights: Gap; boots: Xhiliration, Target
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  1. Love this look. I should! It is almost exactly what I wore today (only a different plaid shirt). But black skirt, brown belt! Only I ended up changing an item at a time until I was wearing something completely different!

    ps. I just got a gold shirt (1 dollar from a thrift shop), cut the sleeves into strips (about an inch wide), and then tied them together--is is all one big loop and I just wrap it around and around. I will prob. put a gif up. It pleases me incredibly that you like it so much!!

  2. Really cute skirt! I love that you put the brown belt on it! All the way around, very nice outfit!!

  3. I really like this skirt mixed with the plaid! I know how you feel about the drab weather! xoxo Jolie


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