Dinner Tonight: Fast Food...Please

I love making burgers.  They're so easy, yet so freaking good.  I'm partial to the school of "put as much crap as you want to in the meat, and still call it a burger" burger-cooking philosophy, unlike burger-purists who feel that a burger is seasoned ground meat only.  Anyhoo, tonight's burger (of the former variety) was inspired by who else, the Ray.  I used a recipe from her 365: No Repeats book, called the "Paella Burger" but instead of ground chicken I used ground beef, and omitted the shrimp and chorizo completely.  I've had it that way before, and it's good, and Aaron and I are good eaters and all, but whoa.  Way too much food, and let's not even get into how to fit the damn thing in your mouth.  

The recipe, in a nutshell:  ground beef, parsley, paprika, garlic, lemon zest, onion powder, grill seasoning, hot sauce.  For the fries:  melted butter infused with garlic, parsley.  See how they glisten?  Wow, I think I need to work out just looking at this meal. 

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