The Wild Side

So, I found a great leopard-print top when I went thrifting the other day, and I was really looking forward to wearing it.  However, I didn't notice that it was ripped in the back.  And, since I can't return it (and of course there's not another one) I'm out both the money and a cute shirt.  Not that it was a big expense or anything, I think it was 7 bucks.  But that's not the point...

So, still feeling in the animal-print mood, I decided to wear this scarf instead (also thrifted, but luckily, in good condition).  It added just the spice I needed to an otherwise basic outfit of a cardigan, jeans, and boots.  

Cardigan: Gap; tank: Target; jeans: Old Navy; scarf: thrifted; boots: Franco Sarto

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