Trying to Stay Warm!

I looked at the weather this morning on my computer, and was horrified when I saw "3 degrees, feels like -8 degrees".  My hatred for winter continues.  And it's only January.  Sigh.  Can you buy fireplaces, just on their own?  I'm sure the apartment complex wouldn't mind... 

Anyway, we're going to my Dad and Stepmom's (proud fireplace owners) for a late Christmas celebration today, so I wanted to wear something a bit nicer than the K-State Snuggie (yes, I know, but it's warm) I got for Christmas that has been calling my name all morning.  So I went with a fun new top I just purchased, but paired with a cozy sweater and boots to keep me from freezing to death. 

Top: Ann Taylor Loft; cardigan: Target; jeans: Old Navy; boots: Franco Sarto, Macy's (Christmas gift from loving husband); weird expression on my face: I'm not sure where that came from.

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