Simple Pleasures

I love to cook, but there are times when I'm too tired, or in this case too cold, to put a lot of effort into a meal.  When this is the case, I turn to roasting.  In my opinion, most foods just taste better after spending an hour or so in a hot oven. 

Potatoes are no exception.  While this tasty little tuber can be prepared in countless ways, I find that a golden brown oven "fry" beats an oil-drenched offering from the fast food joint around the corner any day.  What's even better is that they are enormously simple to prepare. 

To accompany dinner tonight (roasted chicken, naturally) I chose a bunch of small red skinned beauties.  But, if you have a tub of russets you're hankering to use up, by all means, use those.  Because of their small size, I quartered them.  

Then, I drizzled in some olive oil and sprinkled them with chopped fresh rosemary, some oregano (I only had dried), salt and pepper.  A number of flavors would work, however, try garlic and thyme, or crushed red pepper for a bit of heat.  

I roasted the potatoes in a 375 degree oven for 50 minutes to an hour.  During the last ten minutes of roasting, I basted the potatoes with more olive oil to help them brown.  

Ridiculously simple, but so good.  Aaah, the perfect side for a lazy winter's day. 

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