Second Time Offender

I know that I just wore this sweater last week (and let's not even count how many times I've worn these jeans or boots).  But the weather made me really gloomy today, and this cardigan says "Spring!" like nothing else.  I didn't like the snow the first time around, I definitely don't like it now.  That's enough whining about the weather I guess.  One last complaint though--after my great experience taking pictures outside, I'm afraid I made it home to late today to do that.  So, it's white walls again.  On to a more relevant (and pleasant) topic...I'm a scarf fanatic, and I found this one hiding in the bottom of my over-stuffed scarf basket.  I was pleased that it complimented my Spring-y sweater perfectly. 

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Cardigan: Gap, camisole: Gap; jeans: Old Navy; scarf: Target, belt: Target; boots: Franco Sarto

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