Red and Pink and Go Big Purple!

I love magazines, I love shopping, and I love people-watching.  But I always feel the most inspired after reading my daily blog list.  For example, I was reading the lovely Homerun Ballerina the other day, and she was wearing a boldly mixed red skirt and pink blouse.  I love both colors, but it was her pairing of the two together that made me want to mix them in my own wardrobe.  

While I'll have to try for a more dressed-up look at some point, considering I was going to a friend's house to eat chili and watch basketball (Go K-State!) I went for a pretty casual look.  But I really liked the unexpected combination of colors.  

My shoes are a little hard to see, so here's a close-up.  


Sweater: Gap; scarf: Target (?); jeans: Express; shoes: American Eagle

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