Dinner Tonight: Pasta + Sausage + Cheese = Yum!

Tonight's dinner came from another one of my Food Network faves, Giada de Laurentiis.  I just adore her, and it doesn't annoy me at all that she pronounces all her Italian ingredients with an Italian accent (this annoys Aaron, among others).  Anyhoo, I made her Orecchiette with Sausage, Beans, and Mascarpone from her cookbook Giada's Kitchen for this evening's meal.  It was absolutely delicious, and surprisingly, not that bad for you because it was made with turkey sausage.  Orecchiette, which means "little ears" in Italian, is aptly named, because that's just what it looks like.  I got a little chuckle, because on the bag of orecchiette I bought, it said "Fancy Shape".  It seemed to be saying, see, you can't just get this stuff anywhere.  Definitely not at Walmart (more on that later). 

I browned some turkey sausage (casings removed) with some onion, then added white beans.  The recipe called for cannellini beans, and all I could find (why did I try to buy groceries at Walmart?) were Great Northern.  I think the cannellini would have been a better choice though, they have a softer, more creamy texture.  

Then I added some pasta cooking water, and a couple heaping spoonfuls of mascarpone cheese, which melted to make a creamy sauce.  I was pretty much sold at that point.

All that was left to do was stir in the pasta.  Oh, and of course, eat it! 

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