Dinner Tonight: Lasagna Pasta Toss

Tonight, I let Rachael Ray supply my dinner (at least the recipe) once again.  This time it was from her book Express Lane Meals (2006), "Not-sagna Pasta Toss" (p. 208), which was a deconstructed lasagna.  I probably make her meals more than anyone's.  They always turn out well for me, and Aaron usually likes them too.  Also, it was watching Rachael Ray on the Food Network when I was in high school that really made me want to start cooking.  Before that, I liked to bake, and help my mom (another wonderful cook!) in the kitchen, but I didn't make many meals on my own.  Unless you consider cookies a meal.  Which they should be, right?  

To make this pasta toss, I browned ground beef and added onions, garlic, red pepper flakes, a pinch of allspice, and worcestershire sauce.  (Meanwhile, I had a pot of water boiling for the pasta.)

To the meat and onions, I added beef stock and a can of crushed tomatoes.  I let this simmer while the pasta finished cooking.  Meanwhile, I mixed ricotta cheese with some of the pasta cooking water, then stirred in some grated parmesan.

Finally, I mixed the pasta and some of the sauce with the cheese, and then served it with more sauce and cheese on top.  Call me crazy, but I'm not a big lasagna fan.  However, I really liked this pasta, and I liked how it required so little effort. 


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