While I should be putting my efforts toward work, I can't seem to stop daydreaming.  How can I help it?  Despite the calendar's technicalities, I already feel fall's presence.  I recently made a few purchases for the new season, but for the most part, I bought basics.  So now I can't keep my mind from wandering toward more fun, less practical, items for Fall.  Here are the five I think about the most:

1. A Bib Neckace.  With one quick clasp or tie around the neck, the volume is turned up dramatically on an otherwise quiet outfit.  I love the ladylike yet edgy feel of this mixed metallic one from Anthropologie.

2. Ankle Booties.  I actually already have a pair of these, but I would really like another.  Specifically, a pair with some interesting detail, that will make a "night on the town" look really stand out.  I love these from Aldo--they would add some edge to an otherwise demure dress. 

3. A Top with a Touch of Lace.  I love how one detail, such as lace, can add so much to a top or dress.  It can be romantic or sexy, depending on the style, but it can never be boring.  I love this top by Torn by Ronny Kobo from because of it's versatility.  With a quick change of accessories, it goes from work to evening in a flash.  

4. A Bright Coat.  For the last few years, I've invested in classic coats in neutral hues.  They have served me well; I'm not complaining.  But this year I'm ready for a bright pop of color to cheer me up during winter's cold, dreary days.  This pink one from Guess (at Nordstrom) definitely fits the bill!

5. A Chambray Shirt.  I know, I know, this piece doesn't scream "fun and excitement" but for some reason, I've really been wanting one. did an article on the chambray shirt, taking it from work to play, and since I read it, I can't stop thinking that I must get one.  I like this one from the Gap; it's a little bit preppy, a little bit relaxed.  

So, there you have it, my shopping daydreams.  Hopefully they will become reality soon...

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