Sweet Peas Meals Review

At the end of February I signed up to try Sweet Peas Meals meal planning service. I love to cook and I actually do enjoy looking through recipes and choosing what to make each week, but it takes quite a bit of time (at least for me) and it was starting to become stressful. After reading Janssen's review on Everyday Reading, I thought Sweet Peas Meals may work for me as well.

Casual Spring Look with a Yellow Striped Top

My plan was to post our Easter outfits today, but I was a little late getting my shopping done. I finally did find something to wear, but not before writing this blog post. Next week I'll share our Easter outfits, but today I have something at the opposite end of the spectrum, a very casual spring look.

I complained about this top on Instagram, how I buy these tops with cute sleeves and then always cover them up because I'm cold! While I inevitably did put a jacket on later, I wanted to show off the sleeves here, otherwise it's just an ordinary yellow striped top. I've really been into sunny yellow lately, and I love how it instantly brightens up any look.

Speaking of brightening up, I got my hair freshly cut and colored over the weekend. It had been a while so it felt really good to get it done. Plus the wait time under the warm dryer with my book wasn't too terrible either. ;)

Do you usually get something new to wear for Easter (if you celebrate Easter)? 

Yellow striped top: Old Navy | jeans: American Eagle | earrings: Nickel and Suede | white sneakers: Converse

In My Library Tote: March Children's Book Reviews

I’m thankful that Jona enjoys being read to, because I have so much fun choosing picture books to read together. Sure, for every library book we read we also read one or two Lego/superhero books as well, but thankfully he accepts my “only one superhero book per read-aloud” rule. I keep telling him that once he’s reading on his own he can read about whatever he wants, but he remains reluctant about the whole concept (despite flying through his reading homework). Sigh. And Violet isn’t quite ready to graduate to non-board books yet, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to share the joys of library books with her as well. For now, I’m crossing my fingers that eventually I’ll have an enthusiastic reader plus a child who can be trusted not to use a book as a weapon/chair/coaster.

Lavender Cardigan + Chambray Dress

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the pitfalls of online ordering, and how I thought I ordered a pink striped shirt and got a lavender one instead. Old Navy's mix-up (because despite the shirt being called "pink stripe" it is VERY CLEARLY purple) turned out to be a blessing in disguise--I can't get enough of this color! I ended up going back to Old Navy and buying a lavender cardigan.

I'm going bright and bold with my color palette this month, mixing shades of lavender, poppy red, and bright yellow. I may not wear them all at once but something about the start of spring made me want to pull out all the colors.

What colors are you wearing a lot of this spring?   

Lavender cardigan: Old Navy | chambray dress: Gap (similar) | earrings: Nickel and Suede | gingham sneakers: Target (similar)