In My Library Tote: January Children’s Books

I’ve always kept an ongoing list of picture and early chapter books I’d like to read with Jona (and eventually, Violet) in my book bullet journal so I never run out of things to check out at the library. Because my old job was right across the street from one of the branches of our local library, I could easily stop by on my way home, or during lunch, to pick up a few books. These days it’s a lot less convenient, so I have to be more strategic with my holds. I'm trying to get into a regular routine so I can keep our library stack refreshed. Do you have a library routine? Are you a browser or do you run in, grab your books, and go? (I'm usually the latter.)

Here’s what we read together in January.

Cozy Burgundy Sweater and Jeans: My Weekend Uniform

Over the weekend I KonMari'ed my clothes. I love clothes but I'm an "under-buyer" by nature, so I wasn't working with over-stuffed drawers or closet space. Yet I still managed to fill two garbage bags with items that no longer spark joy. I may have some shopping to do come spring, but for now I'm happy with what I'm left with.

Luckily most of my cozy sweaters made the cut, because I really need them this winter. Lately my weekend uniform has been a cozy sweater, jeans, and boots. Nothing too exciting, but fortunately I've found some sweaters in fun colors or featuring interesting details (like the side lace-up detail of this one that I failed at getting a picture of...). 

I may have to hide my sweaters though once spring finally does start, because I have a feeling that--like a new mother who just can't with her maternity clothes anymore--I will want nothing to do with all winter-weather wear. 

What is your weekend uniform right now? Also, how often do you purge your closet? 

Burgundy sweater: American Eagle | jeggings: Old Navy (similar) | blush earrings: Nickel and Suede | ankle boots: Fergalicious via ThredUp (similar)

In My Library Tote: January Book Reviews and Recommendations

January has been a busy month, and along with the ridiculous winter weather, it also brought some good books. Here's what I read in January.

Currently: February

February sometimes feels like the consolation prize of a really long January. Oh, January seems super long? Well February only has 28 days! Unless the average temperature for February exceeds 50 degrees, this consolation is not enough. Regardless, we are one step closer to spring and a few days into a new month. With that, as always, comes the Currently linkup at In Residence, and here are a few things I’m currently up to.