A Day in the Life: Working at Home with a Preschooler and Toddler

Last time I shared a day in the life post I was still pumping milk and Violet was drinking bottles and just starting to eat solid food. Now that I have a big kid and toddler on my hands, I thought I'd do another one to show what our life looks like these days. Just like last time I'm sharing photos from a day I'm working at home (my days at the office look pretty boring). Here is one photo every hour from a couple of weeks ago on Friday.

{5:15 am} I usually wake up at about 5:00 and read for 20-30 minutes before I need to get up and ready. I usually read on my Kindle so I don't have to turn the lamp on and wake Aaron. On this day I was reading The 5 Love Languages, which I've since finished. 

$10 at Target: Weekly Budget Date Treats

Last month's $10 at Target post was all about healthy snacks. So very January of me, right? This month I kept the food theme but veered in quite a different direction. I've mentioned before that I'm doing a Happiness Project this year, and each month I focus on something different. Last month was all about health, but February has been dedicated to marriage.

Among my goals this month are to plan regular date nights and to take time to connect daily. Last Thursday evening when Aaron and I were sitting down to do our weekly budget check-in, it occurred to me that we could make these feel more like mini dates and less like a chore.

In My Library Tote: January Picture Book Reviews and Recommendations

Just as I'm sharing all books read the previous month for my own reading recaps, I'm going to start doing the same for the picture books we read. For background if you're new here, I have a son who is four and in preschool, so I choose picture books that are age appropriate for him. My daughter Violet (15 months) also loves books, but will happily read the same four board books every day. Unless you want to read about how many times a person can read Moo Baa La La La in one day, I'll spare you from her book reviews and stick with what Jona and I have enjoyed.

{january recommended picture books}

How I Use a Bullet Journal as a Reading Journal

Happy Valentine's Day! Do you know the way straight to my heart? Books, all things planning/tracking-related, ice cream, and chocolate. And if I've just finished a book and I'm recording it in my reading journal while eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream? Well, I'm pretty much in heaven.

Inspired by a new linkup from my friends Alexandra and Lauren all about planning and documenting (so my jam), I thought I'd share the way I'm using a bullet journal in 2018. Last year I kept a bullet journal instead of a traditional paper planner. You can read all about my experience with it here. It worked pretty well for me, and I liked how it combined the organizational aspects of planning with journaling and memory keeping.

However, what I enjoyed most about my bullet journal was using it to record all things book related. This year I decided to go back to a traditional planner, but create a separate bullet journal as a reading journal. So far I love it! Here's how I use it.

{how I use my bullet journal as a reading journal}